Post-event survey

Connect & Communicate with Confidence (C3)

Please complete this survey after completing the Connect and Communicate with Confidence workshop series to help us evaluate how useful the workshops were to you.

Please select all that apply.
Much more confidentMore confidentNo more confidentLess confidentMuch less confident
a. Presenting in front of an audience
b. Assessing the audience’s pre-existing understanding of your topic
c. Identifying key messages for the audience
d. Preparing effective speaking notes
e. Using PowerPoint as a design tool
f. Using graphic design principles to maximize impact
g. Finding the best images & icons to reinforce key points in your presentation
h. Preparing yourself to deliver a presentation
i. Using your voice & body language to effectively engage an audience
j. Capturing & retaining an audience's attention
k. Handling “tough questions”
l. Helping others to develop & strengthen their presentations