Pre-event survey

Connect & Communicate with Confidence (C3)

Please complete this survey before participating in the Connect and Communicate with Confidence workshop series, to give us a sense of your pre-event needs and expectations.

Very confidentConfidentNeutralNot confidentVery unconfident
a. Presenting in front of an audience
b. Assessing the audience’s pre-existing understanding of your topic
c. Identifying key messages for the audience
d. Preparing effective speaking notes
e. Using PowerPoint as a design tool
f. Using graphic design principles to maximize impact
g. Finding the best images & icons to reinforce key points in your presentation
h. Preparing yourself to deliver a presentation
i. Using your voice & body language to effectively engage an audience
j. Capturing & retaining an audience's attention
k. Handling “tough questions”
l. Helping others to develop & strengthen their presentations