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LRD 2022


Invitation to sponsors

LRD 2022 Catalyzing the Nanomedicine Revolution
June 12-15, 2022

The LRD 2022 organizing committee is pleased to announce the 17th LRD conference: Catalyzing the Nanomedicine Revolution, scheduled for June 12-15, 2022, at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada.

On behalf of LRD 2022, we are pleased to invite past sponsors as well as new sponsors and their colleagues to become sponsors of LRD 2022 and to take active roles as participants in the LRD 2022 meeting.

LRD 2022 will feature internationally renowned experts and will be relevant to academics, clinicians, health care providers, and representatives from government and industry who are interested in the revolution in therapeutics being enabled by recent advances in nanomedicines. We anticipate around 300 attendees. Key topics are: vaccines, gene therapy, gene editing, chemotherapy, and lipid and membrane biophysics.

The conference will take place on the beautiful UBC Campus in Vancouver and promises to be one of the most important nanomedicine conferences of the year.

We wish to thank past sponsors of LRD meetings for their important contributions to the success of those meetings, and to welcome new sponsors with interest in the subject matter of the conference.

We sincerely hope you will be able to accept this invitation to take an active role as a participant, exhibitor and sponsor of LRD 2022.

Dr. Terry Allen & Dr. Pieter Cullis

Conference Organizers

Prospectus & Sponsorship Form

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Thanks to our sponsors