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NMIN Demographic Survey

Thanks in advance for completing this survey. Your response will be entirely anonymous. Feel free to complete only those sections of the survey you feel comfortable completing.

This information will help NMIN’s staff and leadership track the efficacy of our efforts to ensure that the NMIN community is inclusive and diverse. The survey begins below the Q&A.

Q&A about this survey:

Enhancing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the field of nanomedicines research and innovation, and the inclusion of underrepresented groups in NMIN programming are Network priorities. NMIN currently lacks baseline demographic data about Network participants that enable benchmarking or tracking change over time. As a result, NMIN’s Administrative Centre is conducting a demographic survey of current NMIN participants.
Data collected from the 2022 NMIN Demographics Survey will be used to create a baseline from which to assess representation within the Network compared to the Canadian and university populations, and to track change over time as initiatives to promote diversity are implemented.
Data will be self-reported and will collect information about age, citizenship, gender identity and sexual orientation, indigeneity, if you identify as a visible-minority status/racialized person/or person of colour or have a disability. Most survey questions will be open-ended, and you will be able to skip any question you prefer not to answer. Disclose only information that you are comfortable sharing in an anonymized context.
No identifiable data (names, emails, etc.) will be collected in the survey, and all raw data files will be password protected. Raw data files will be destroyed three years after the survey has concluded, or at the end of NMIN’s NCE lifetime, whichever comes first.

No. Completing the survey is voluntary.

No. Identifiable data (name, email, etc.) will not be collected from survey respondents.

Yes! As we are not collecting identifiable information, we won’t know who did or did not complete the survey. Several Network-wide reminders to complete the survey will be issued if response rates remain low. Once you have completed the survey, please disregard these reminders.

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