NMIN’s program for Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) seeks to cultivate the next generation of nanomedicine scientists and entrepreneurs, and to train the skilled workforce required by the growing nanomedicines industry in Canada.

The HQP Program is a top priority for the Network and will be the most immediately transformational program NMIN offers.

NMIN HQP Network (NHN)

The NMIN HQP Network (NHN) is a student-led organization comprising NMIN research trainees and new professionals in all fields of nanomedicine related research. The NHN fosters networking, knowledge exchange and professional skill development among Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)—students, trainees, research staff and young professionals—working in the field of nanomedicines.

Governance: The NHN is headed by an Executive Committee comprised of NMIN HQP who play a leadership role in the planning and realization of NMIN’s HQP programs, activities and other opportunities.

Membership eligibility: Trainees and new professionals working on NMIN-funded research projects automatically become NSN members. Trainees and new professionals not directly involved in NMIN research, but training or working in the field of nanomedicine research, may apply to join NMIN.

Benefits of membership include the eligibility to apply for a range of capacity-building opportunities currently in planning, including:

  • Annual Trainee Symposium
  • International Research Visits
  • Travel Awards
  • Research Skills Awards
  • Poster Competitions

For details, contact Leah Graystone, HQP and Events Coordinator, at


NMIN Postdoctoral Fellow Awards

2020 Competition

The NanoMedicines Innovation Network (NMIN) is pleased to announce the recipients of its inaugural NMIN Postdoctoral Awards.

Dr. Noorjahan Aibani has been awarded the NMIN Postdoctoral Fellowship Award in Targeted Drug Delivery for her project Lipidic nanoparticle formulation of a triple adjuvant for intranasal vaccines for pertussis, which she will pursue under the supervision of Dr. Ellen Wasan at the University of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Jayesh Kulkarni has been awarded the NMIN Postdoctoral Fellowship Award in Gene Therapy for his project Design of lipid nanoparticles for gene therapy, which he will undertake at the University of British Columbia under the supervision of Drs Christian Kastrup and Pieter Cullis.

NMIN congratulates its inaugural Postdoctoral Fellows.

Three awards, each providing a stipend of $40,000 a year for a maximum of two years, are available in the following areas:

1) Targeted Drug Delivery, 2) Gene Therapy, and 3) Diagnostics

The 2020 application deadline has now passed.

This year’s competition is now closed.

NMIN-Mitacs COVID-19 Internships

Open call for proposals partnering NMIN HQP with companies or not-for-profit organizations for short-term COVID-19-related research projects.

NMIN is collaborating with Mitacs to deliver a special internship opportunity specifically for NMIN HQP (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) who wish to work for 4-6 months with non-academic partner organizations on COVID-19-related research projects that involve nanomedicine.

This special initiative, part of the Mitacs Accelerate program, currently allows for a smaller investment from Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) partners ($3,750);  the deadline for the reduced investment is July 1st.

With a possible funding top-up from NMIN, the potential maximum award is $20,000. To be eligible for the NMIN top-up, the proposed project must align with NMIN’s vision, mission and research priorities.


  1. Interested NMIN HQP: Complete a draft application using this form and send it to the Mitacs Business Development Representative (MBDR) for your institution prior to obtaining all signatures and submitting.
  2. If you plan to work with a not-for-profit partner, seek partner and project eligibility approval from a MBDR before applying.
  3. Send your completed application package (application form, CVs as required, budget, other supplementary material as applicable), with all the required signatures, to BOTH of the following emails:

NOTE: Follow closely the instructions given in the application form. Also consult the guidelines for the general Accelerate program, and use the budget spreadsheet provided as part of the standard Accelerate application package. Do not, however, use the application form provided in that standard package; use only the form provided here.

For more information, contact Leah Graystone, HQP and Events Coordinator, at


NMIN’s HQP Program is being launched in stages throughout 2020.

For more details, contact Leah Graystone, HQP and Events Coordinator, at