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NMIN HQP Research Presentation Database

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The table below lists the presentations delivered by NMIN HQP as part of NMIN’s HQP Research Presentation Series, focusing on work from NMIN-supported projects and other nanomedicine-related research.

Presentation titles are linked to the corresponding poster and oral presentation video. Where the presentation relates to an NMIN project, the project name links to a description of the project.

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NameTitleInstitutionPITheme/ProgramNMIN Project

Hadeel Mohammad

Selectivity of Protein Interactions Stimulated by Terahertz Signals

University of Toronto

Elisabet Rodriguez Llorian

Application of Early Health Technology Assessments to Nanomedicine: A Review of Conceptual Frameworks

UBC Larry Lynd Core Facility

eHTA: An early Health Technology Assessment platform

Sheldon Decombe

An ultrasensitive digital nanoassay for immunotherapy effectiveness

University of Toronto Aaron Wheeler Diagnostics

An ultrasensitive digital nanoassay for immunotherapy effectiveness

Quinn Matthews

A platform for automated functionalization of lipid nanoparticles for CAR T cell therapy

University of Toronto Keith Pardee Diagnostics

On-Demand Biofunctionalization of Lipid Nanoparticles for CAR T Cell Therapy

Michael Valic

Dose-dependencies in the plasma pharmacokinetics of a long-circulating porphyrin-lipid based nanoparticle

University of Toronto Gang Zheng Diagnostics

Wanda Janaeska

A morphology-based classification algorithm for identifying caveolae, clathrin vesicles, and macropinosomes on electron microscopy images

University of Toronto Warren Chan Diagnostics

Presley MacMillan

Liposome Imaging in Optically Cleared Tissues

University of Toronto Warren Chan Diagnostics

Ariadne Tuckmantel Bido

Development of an LSPR-based SARS-CoV-2 Screening Test in Saliva

University of Victoria Diagnostics

Irene Chen

The Development of an Impedance-Based Biosensor for Early Detection of Colon Cancer

University of Alberta David Wishart Diagnostics

Nanoparticle-enhanced,impedance-based biosensor development for cancer diagnostics​

Nashmia Zia

Early Detection is Key: Nanomicelles for Timely Diagnosis of Liver Fibrosis

University of Toronto Gilbert Walker Diagnostics

Miffy Cheng

Stable J-aggregation of an aza- BODIPY-lipid in a liposome for optical cancer imaging

Princess Margret Cancer Centre Gang Zheng Diagnostics

Payton LeBlanc

Nanoparticle Enhanced, Impedance-Based Biosensor Development for Cancer Diagnosis

University of Alberta David Wishart Diagnostics

Nanoparticle-enhanced, impedance-based biosensor development for cancer diagnostics

Johnny Zhang

An analysis of the function and structure of the protein corona on nanoparticles

University of Toronto Warren Chan Diagnostics

Predicting nanoparticle tumour delivery via serum protein adsorption

Wesley Walker

Bacteriopheophorbide nanoemulsions as photodynamic therapy agents

University of Toronto Gang Zheng Diagnostics

Bill Duong

Development of a microfluidic chip for exosomal PD-L1 analysis in lung cancer

University of Toronto Shana Kelley Diagnostics

Development of an integrated chip for exosome analysis in cancer

Cécile Darviot

Cytopathology diagnostic with multiplexed plasmonic biomarkers

École Polytechnique de Montréal Michel Meunier Diagnostics

Jennyfer Zapata-Farfan

Non-invasive cornea nanosurgery using plasmonic nanoparticles and femtosecond laser

Polytechnique Montréal Michel Meunier Gene Therapy

Cameron Hastie

Non-equilibrium Structural Dynamics of Supercoiled DNA Plasmids

UBC Sabrina Leslie Gene Therapy

Madelaine Robertson

RNA: The Key to Improving Platelet Transfusions?

UBC Pieter Cullis, Christian Kastrup Gene Therapy

Sarah Thomson

Development of lipid nanoparticle-enabled gene therapy approaches in the brain

UBC Blair Leavitt Gene Therapy

Development and optimization of LNP-based gene therapy approaches in the brain

Juliana Bolsoni

Topical delivery of gene-editing tools into human skin

UBC Sarah Hedtrich Gene Therapy

Albert Kamanzi

Single-particle microscopy of lipid nanoparticles and applications to vaccines and genetic medicines

UBC Sabrina Leslie Gene Therapy

Single-particle measurements to enable rational design of lipid nanoparticle carriers for gene therapies and vaccines

Tyler Thomson

Development of a luciferase reporter mouse model for adenine base editing

UBC Colin Ross Gene Therapy

Anthony Tam

Identifying lipid nanoparticle formulations for nasal RNA delivery targeting the murine respiratory mucosa

UBC James Lim Gene Therapy

Kent Chen

The Metaplex Technology: A solution to the development of poorly soluble metal-binding small molecules

Cuprous Pharmaceuticals Marcel Bally Targeted Drug Delivery

Development of the Metaplex immuno-oncology platform

Forugh Sanaee

Pharmacokinetics of Nano versus Conventional Formulations of A83B4C63, a Novel Inhibitor of DNA Repair in Rat

University of Toronto Afsaneh Lavasanifar Targeted Drug Delivery

Nano-delivery of novel inhibitors of DNA repair for enhanced therapy in head & neck cancer

Noorjahan Aibani

Design and in-vivo evaluation of lipid nanoparticles with a triple adjuvant to achieve enhanced immunity against Bordetella pertussis

University of Saskatchewan Ellen Wasan Targeted Drug Delivery

Lipidic nanoparticle formulation of a triple adjuvant for intra-nasal vaccines for pertussis and influenza

Po-Han Chao

Liposomal Resiquimod for Enhanced Immunotherapy of Peritoneal Metastases of Colorectal Cancer

UBC Star Li Targeted Drug Delivery

Tiffany Ho

Enhancing porphyrin intracellular delivery with next-generation porphysomes for photodynamic therapy

University of Toronto Gang Zheng Targeted Drug Delivery

Courtney van Ballegooie

X-Ray Triggered Drug Release of Hybrid Protein-Gold Nanoparticle

UBC Targeted Drug Delivery

Talita de Francesco

Gold Nanoparticles Encapsulation into Polymeric Micelles for Cancer Theranostics

University of Victoria Targeted Drug Delivery

Yifei Gu

Single-Particle Measurements of Size and Loading for Drug-delivery Lipid Nanoparticles

UBC Sabrina Leslie Targeted Drug Delivery

Fariba Saadati

Novel Sulfur-Containing Lipids for the Delivery of RNA Therapeutics

UBC Marco Ciufolini Targeted Drug Delivery

Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Sulfur-Containing Lipids

Lucy Wang

PARP Inhibitor Drug Combinations and the Six Rights

University of Toronto Christine Allen Targeted Drug Delivery

Abdulaziz (Zé) Alhussan

Synergetic Combined Modality of Nanotechnology, Chemotherapy, and Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

University of Victoria Devika Chithrani Targeted Drug Delivery

Parnian Mehinrad

Repurposing Pyronaridine as a novel inhibitor of heterodimeric ERCC1-XPF DNA endonuclease for targeted sensitization of colorectal cancer to platinum-based chemotherapeutics

University of Alberta Afsaneh Lavasanifar Targeted Drug Delivery

Colton Strong

Optimized Lipid Nanoparticles Enable Exogenous Protein Production in Platelets

UBC Christian Kastrup Targeted Drug Delivery

Alberto Cevallos

Characterization of Y-Nanotexaphyrin for Applications in Cancer Therapy

University of Toronto Gang Zheng Targeted Drug Delivery

Nasim Sarrami

Panitumumab modified polymer-based nano-theranostics for non-small cell lung cancer imaging and therapy

University of Alberta Afsaneh Lavasanifar Targeted Drug Delivery

Yulin Mo

Light-Activated siRNA Endosomal Release (LASER) by Porphyrin Lipid Nanoparticles

University of Toronto Gang Zheng Targeted Drug Delivery

Amélie Baron

EPlasmonic enhanced femtosecond laser anticancer drug delivery using gold-lipid nanoparticles

Polytechnique Montréal Michel Meunier Targeted Drug Delivery

Nolan Jackson

Utilization of nanotechnology and chemotherapeutics to increase radiosensitivity of cancer cells

University of Victoria Devika Chithrani Targeted drug Delivery

Liza Silverman

Microfluidic Co-encapsulation of Curcumin with SN-38 in PCL-block-PEO Polymer Nanoparticles

University of Victoria Matthew Moffit Targeted Drug Delivery