NMIN Strategic Initiatives Funding

Open, ongoing call for applications

NMIN’s Strategic Initiatives (SI) program supports rapid responses to just-in-time research, commercialization or knowledge mobilization opportunities.

Budgets may be requested to a maximum of $50,000. Projects must be achievable within a one-year timeframe and be aligned with NMIN’s mission and vision.

This is an open competition. Researchers within and outside of the NMIN Network are encouraged to apply.

In addition to following the SI Application Guidelines, applicants are encouraged to consult with the NMIN Research Theme Lead whose program best aligns with the proposed initiative prior to submitting a Proposal Overview.

Proposal Overview submissions will be reviewed by the NMIN Administrative Centre. Only applicants whose Proposal Overviews are most consistent with NMIN’s scientific and strategic priorities will be invited to submit a full SI Application.

Contact the Manager of Research & Partnerships with any questions regarding the SI program.

NMIN’s research program is organized around three themes:

Theme I: Targeted Drug Delivery

Nanomedicines that deliver small molecule drugs more accurately to disease sites, dramatically enhancing the therapeutic properties of small molecule drugs such as anticancer drugs.

See Theme I projects

Theme II: Gene Therapy

Nanomedicines that enable big molecules, particularly nucleic acid-based drugs, to be used therapeutically, enabling gene therapies to treat most diseases.

See Theme II projects

Theme III: Diagnostics

Nanotechnologies to detect disease earlier and more accurately, improving preventive healthcare and enabling precision medicine.

See Theme III projects

In these videos, NMIN Research Leaders introduce the Network’s three thematic research areas

Theme I: Targeted Drug Delivery 101

Theme II: Gene Therapy 101

Theme III: Diagnostics 101

The projects in NMIN’s Research Themes are supported by two Core Facilities:


The Translational NanoMedicines Formulation and Characterization Core Facility (NanoCore) facilitates NMIN’s vision of translating nanomedicines to the clinic by providing state-of-the-art nanoparticle formulations and a standardized nanomedicines characterization service to enable potent therapies that can be readily manufactured. Read more


PharmaCore supports in vitro and in vivo studies as well as scale-up, stability testing and manufacturing needs to help exemplify commercial potential. PharmaCore helps identify the best potential nanomedicines for commercial development, facilitates collaboration and helps with the formation of companies. Read more

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NMIN is currently supporting 29 innovative projects including 3 strategic initiatives (SIs) led by Canadian nanomedicine experts.

These projects and SIs, hosted at seven research centres across Canada, span a range of technologies (from neutrophil encapsulation to LNP systems) applied to a range of illnesses (from cancer to diabetes and eye disease).

Read more about NMIN’s first round of research investment.

See project & SI descriptions.