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Witzigmann D, Kulkarni JA, Leung J, Chen S, Cullis PR, van der Meel R. Lipid nanoparticle technology for therapeutic gene regulation in the liver 2020

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

2019-NC-01; 2019-T2-01

Francia V, Schiffelers RM, Cullis PR, Witzigmann D.

The Biomolecular Corona of Lipid Nanoparticles for Gene Therapy


Bioconjugate Chemistry

2019-NC-01; 2019-T2-01

Ul Ain Q, Campos EVR, Huynh A, Witzigmann D, Hedtrich S.

Gene Delivery to the Skin – How Far Have We Come?


Trends in Biotechnology

2019-NC-01; 2019-T2-01

Akinc A, Maier MA, Manoharan M, Fitzgerald K, Jayaraman M, Barros S, Ansell S, Du X, Hope MJ, Madden TD, Mui BL, Semple SC, Tam YK, Ciufolini M, Witzigmann D, Kulkarni JA, van der Meel R, Cullis PR.

The Onpattro Story and the Clinical Translation of Nanomedicines Containing Nucleic Acid-Based Drugs


Nature Nanotechnology

2019-NC-01; 2019-T2-01