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NMIN Publication Database

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The table below lists publications emerging from  NMIN-supported research projects. It can be searched or sorted by any field. When searching by author, use last name only.

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Sindhwani S, Chan WCW.

Nanotechnology in modern medicine: Next steps towards clinical translation

Journal of Internal Medicine

Poon W, Kingston B, Ouyang B, Ngo W.

A framework for designing delivery systems

Nature Nanotechnology

Ouyang B, Poon W, Zhang Y-N, Lin ZP, Kingston BR, Tavares AJ, Zhang Y, Chen J, Valic MS, Syed AM, MacMillan P, Couture-Senécal J, Zheng G, Chan WCW.

The dose threshold for nanoparticle tumour delivery

Nature Materials

Zhang Y, Wu JLY, Lazavorits J, Chan WCW.

An analysis of the binding function and structural organization of the protein corona

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Sindhwani S, Syed AM, Ngai J, Kingston BR, Maiorino L, Rothschild J, MacMillan P, Zhang Y, Rajesh NU, Hoang T, Wu JLY, Wilhelm S, Zilman A, Gadde S , Sulaiman A, Ouyang B, Lin Z, Wang L, Egeblad M, Chan WCW.

The entry of nanoparticles into solid tumours

Nature Materials