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NMIN launches online IP management / patenting tools

NMIN is pleased to announce the launch of three interactive, online intellectual property (IP) management tools.

Developed by NMIN in collaboration with patent agent Wendy Lamson (Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall), these tools are now available on the NMIN website.

These three interactive online tools were developed to help researchers and biotech start-ups to navigate the complexities of intellectual property (IP) management.

The tools aim to help researchers understand what can be patented and whether or not they have freedom to operate. They also take researchers step-by-step through the patenting process, from filing a claim through to patent expiry ~20 years later.

Each tool contains references to other essential resources and key sources of information and support.

Access the tools on the NMIN website

Take a video tour of the tools with patent agent Wendy Lamson