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First NMIN ResearchSNIP created on diagnosing liver disease

NMIN announces the completion of the first NMIN ResearchSNIPS: a clear-language summary of an NMIN-supported, peer-reviewed research publication.

Completed by Dr. Nashmia Zia, the ResearchSNIPS “Nano Navigator: Spotting Early Liver Damage with Tiny Light-Up Carriers, provides a clear-language description of her research on the use of imaging to detect liver disease early for more accurate diagnosis and treatment. The research was originally published in Nanomaterials (Basel) in 2022.

Dr. Zia is a postdoctoral fellow in Chemistry supervised by NMIN Researcher and Scientific Director Dr. Gilbert Walker. Her research focuses on identifying the role of immune regulation in miRNA-LNP-mediated therapy of infectious/inflammatory diseases.

ResearchSNIPS are an output of the NanoMedicines Translated Program, which aims to make NMIN-supported research findings more accessible to a broad audience; to highlight novel, high-impact findings to specific audiences for whom these results may be beneficial; and to hone the knowledge translation and plain-language writing skills of NMIN HQP.