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Grand Finale: NMIN’s 2024 Research Conference

NMIN Board Chair Inès Holzbaur kicks off the conference

From January 24 to 27, 2024, over 240 people gathered on Vancouver’s waterfront for NMIN’s first and final Research Conference, showcasing Canada’s wealth of nanomedicines expertise. Participants spanned the spectrum from trainees, early-career researchers, and senior scientists, to representatives from government, non-profit and industry.

NMIN gratefully acknowledges the 15 event sponsors, without whose support this event would not have been possible. 

The conference program featured four keynote presentations, 41 presentations on network research and research outcomes, and a closing panel of six opinion leaders discussing the range of legacy opportunities available to network participants within the Canadian nanomedicine ecosystem. Networking opportunities were maximized through three receptions, three networking lunches, and a gala dinner at which conference attendees were entertained by UBC’s string quartet in residence.

The 73 respondents to a post-event evaluation survey rated the overall quality of the event at 4.5/5. Respondents mentioned scientific content and networking opportunities among the conference highlights. Trainees expressed particular appreciation for the opportunity to present their research, to interact with field leaders, to benefit from multidisciplinary perspectives, and to gain insight into how research is commercialized and the workings of the pharmaceutical industry.


"Hearing about the cutting edge of research in nanomedicines was extremely valuable."

"I enjoyed the focus on commercializing nanomedicine. NMIN brought together a community of scientists and professionals who not only want to demonstrate what is possible, but also wish to make those possibilities practical..."

"Conference was very enjoyable and informative. I only wish we could meet again!!!"

"I've participated in NMIN since the first Scientific Meeting in 2019, and it has been such a wonderful resource and supportive network... It's disappointing it's coming to a close, but I learned so much and had so many wonderful opportunities... thank you for everything!"

"Congratulations to the managing team. You all did great work in arranging and managing such a big and complex event and bringing everyone together."

Some of the poster prize-winners and honourably mentioned from NMIN’s 2024 Poster Competition, held at the 2024 Research Conference

The event also included a poster exhibit of 49 posters, of which 35 were entered into a trainee poster competition. The posters and associated research presentations were adjudicated by 19 research and industry experts. Nine trainees received cash prizes and four received honourable mentions to recognize the outstanding quality of their research posters and presentations, across three categories (Master’s, PhD and Post-doctoral levels). The winners of the poster competition were:

Post-doctoral level:

  1. Sarah Thomson (UBC): Development of lipid nanoparticle formulations for in vivo brain delivery of nucleic acids
  2. Ramya Kannan (UBC): Development of a novel polymer for boosting lipid nanoparticle delivery of nucleic acids
  3. Nashmia Zia (UofT): Repurposing an Anticancer Agent for Fibrosis Therapy: Enhanced Oral Bioavailability of Sorafenib and Liver Fibrosis Mitigation through Modified Chitosan-Loaded Nanoparticles

Doctoral level:

  1. Madelaine Robertson (UBC): Optimization and Delivery of Endogenous mRNA UTRs using LNPs to Control Exogenous Protein Expression in Platelets
  2. Katrina Besler (UBC): Increasing circulating lysosomal acid lipase in a mouse model of atherosclerosis using lipid nanoparticles
  3. Pardis Kazemian (UBC): Gene Correction in Humanized Mutant Progranulin Mice for the Treatment of Progranulin-Associated Frontotemporal Dementia

Honourable mentions: Amélie Baron (Polytechnique Montréal) & Jiamin Wu (UBC)

Master’s level:

  1. Emma Durocher (UOttawa): 3-in-1 nanotherapeutic strategies for ovarian cancer
  2. Vanessa Chan (UBC): LNP-R848 Cures Peritoneal Metastasis of Colorectal Cancer in Mice
  3. Michelle Gandelman (UOttawa): Development of miRNA-loaded Targeting Nanoparticles To Alter Cholesterol Efflux In Atherosclerotic Lesional Macrophages

Honourable mention: Yao Zhang (UBC)

Undergraduate level:

Honourable mention: Amandine Courtemanche (UOttawa)

A selection of scenes from the event

While this event was officially NMIN’s first (and final) Research Conference, NMIN has also organized or co-organized numerous previous research-focused events, including two Scientific Meetings (in 2019 and 2022), a 2022 Trainee Symposium, four instances of Vancouver NanoMedicine Day, and the 2022 Liposome Research Day. NMIN’s five-year NCE mandate ends 31 March 2024.

A gallery of photos from the event can be viewed on the event website.